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Deposit/Withdraw Cryptocurrency
Trading on the Exchange
Transaction history

While working as a CTO at Royal Kingdom Enterprise, I’ve been given the task of developing a multi-currency whitelabel platform, combining deposits/withdrawals/exchange/trading of both cryptocurrency and fiat money.

When someone wanted a cryptocurrency exchange or a payment gateway platform, instead of spending months developing one from scratch, they would order one from us, for a competitive cost and fully prepared from the start.

I have written it from scratch in the start of 2018, and then with the team we've gathered we had been making continuous improvements according to the clients' needs.

Technologies used: Laravel (PHP), Node.JS, Webpack, Redis.

Cryptocurrencies managed: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, and others (+ some fiat currencies). Any coin that mimics Bitcoin/Ethereum API could be added with minimal changes.

  • Automatic mitigation of SQL Injections, XSS, CSRF, RFI/LFI and others
  • Session timeout after a certain time period
  • Supports two factor authentication for users and administrators
  • The code passed an external security audit by Vul9 Security Solutions
  • For 1+ year that the company had been in business, we hosted tens of thousands of users for our clients. Throughout all this time, we registered dozens of attempts to compromise and disrupt the servers. No money has been lost, no client KYC documents has been exposed, no DDOS attacks succeeded.
  • Dashboard
    • Wallet (Deposit/Withdraw crypto & fiat)
    • Profile (KYC/AML Data)
    • Settings
    • Bank Details
    • Detailed Transaction History
    • Send/Receive Payment to Any User
  • Exchange
    • Trading Pairs
    • Zoomable customizable chart by TradingView
    • Market Order Book
    • Buy/Sell Limit Order
    • Buy/Sell Market Order
    • My Active Orders
    • Real Time Trading Tape
    • Ticker Public API
  • Fees/Limits Table
  • Help (Support Tickets)
  • Administration
    • Multiple Levels of Access
    • Dashboard/Statistics/Finances
    • Users Table - CRUD, Active Users, Related Objects (Transactions, Orders, Deals, etc.)
    • Currencies, Exchange Pairs, Payment Gateways
    • Support Tickets
    • Fees/Limits
    • Translator's Zone
    • Report Generators
    • User Verification (KYC/AML Queue)
Miscellaneous Features
  • Multi-language support, including Right-to-Left layout (Arabic, Hebrew etc.)
  • Email Notifications through SendGrid