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Deposit/Withdraw Cryptocurrency
Trading on the Exchange
Transaction history

While working as a CTO at Royal Kingdom Enterprise, I’ve been given the task of developing a multi-currency whitelabel platform, combining deposits/withdrawals/exchange/trading of both cryptocurrency and fiat money.

When someone wanted a cryptocurrency exchange or a payment gateway platform, instead of spending months developing one from scratch, they would order one from us, for a competitive cost and fully prepared from the start.

I have written it from scratch in the start of 2018, and then with the team we've gathered we had been making continuous improvements according to the clients' needs.

Technologies used: Laravel (PHP), Node.JS, Webpack, Redis.

Cryptocurrencies managed: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, Dash, Ethereum Classic, Ripple, and others (+ some fiat currencies). Any coin that mimics Bitcoin/Ethereum API could be added with minimal changes.

  • Automatic mitigation of SQL Injections, XSS, CSRF, RFI/LFI and others
  • Session timeout after a certain time period
  • Supports two factor authentication for users and administrators
  • The code passed an external security audit by Vul9 Security Solutions
  • Dashboard
    • Wallet (Deposit/Withdraw crypto & fiat)
    • Profile (KYC/AML Data)
    • Settings
    • Bank Details
    • Detailed Transaction History
    • Send/Receive Payment to Any User
  • Exchange
    • Trading Pairs
    • Zoomable customizable chart by TradingView
    • Market Order Book
    • Buy/Sell Limit Order
    • Buy/Sell Market Order
    • My Active Orders
    • Real Time Trading Tape
    • Ticker Public API
  • Fees/Limits Table
  • Help (Support Tickets)
  • Administration
    • Multiple Levels of Access
    • Dashboard/Statistics/Finances
    • Users Table - CRUD, Active Users, Related Objects (Transactions, Orders, Deals, etc.)
    • Currencies, Exchange Pairs, Payment Gateways
    • Support Tickets
    • Fees/Limits
    • Translator's Zone
    • Report Generators
    • User Verification (KYC/AML Queue)
Miscellaneous Features
  • Multi-language support, including Right-to-Left layout (Arabic, Hebrew etc.)
  • Email Notifications through SendGrid