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Royal Kingdom Enterprise was a Dubai cryptocurrency startup, which hosted an Initial Coin Offering grossing around $0.5M in funding for its development activities. I’ve been brought to the company in the role of CTO from its inception in January 2017, and stayed in this role until January 2018, when the management staff has been changed. On April 7, 2018, the company had been closed down.

I’m grateful I’ve been given the opportunity to use the cutting-edge technology while working on our projects, and lead the team of 12 incredible people. ICO was still an uncharted territory at the time, and we’ve had to overcome numerous challenges.

Despite a formally technical role, I’ve been involved in many extraneous business activities (who hasn’t, in a small startup?) In between coding, managing tasks, and coaching my dev team, I was also performing HR functions, writing whitepapers, answering support tickets, helping marketing staff respond to trolls on forums, talking to important clients and investors, designing landing pages, and even sometimes had to mediate internal conflicts and argue with the internet provider company (fun, amirite?) But now I know what it takes to survive in a startup, and while I would think twice before diving head first into another one, I can use my experience to coach you through the startup jungles.

Projects: VentureKingdom, Palmex, Tomorrow Exchange, Acionary

Tomorrow Exchange (DEX prototype). Built with Node.js/Electron. See more here
Company landing page
ICO website
My 23-page whitepaper outlining initial specifications for Tomorrow Exchange DEX
Another version of the landing page