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ArabianChain is a UAE based venture focused on blockchain solutions. Palmex was conceived as a joint project of ArabianChain and Royal Kingdom Enterprise, where I had been working as a CTO at the time. We utilized VentureKingdom platform's flexibility to host users on different whitelabels. Now it has been separated into a standalone project of ArabianChain, with rapidly growing userbase in the Middle East region.

Mohammed Alsehli Mohammed Alsehli, CEO of ArabianChain: "Serge has been a tremendous support to us in leading Palmex technical development. His knowledge and expertise in blockchain and decentralized systems, web development and financial know how, were key in our success. We still consult with him on various topics and I would always recommend him for his skills, professionalism and unmatchable integrity." [See recommendation]

For more information on technology, see VentureKingdom

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