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The final look
7 days x 8 hours of focused work paid off well. The journey is documented on my Youtube channel.
And I even had time to do a two-factor authentication!

When a company called Digitex Futures missed their second announced deadline on their main product, a futures cryptocurrency exchange, after $5.2 million in ICO funding and 1.5+ years of work in a team, I decided to show the whole world that it’s not as complicated as they want investors to think.

I challenged myself to build their platform from scratch, by myself, livestreaming the whole progress on my Youtube channel, and to do it in less than 2 months. I had been working on cryptoexchanges before, but futures exchange was an additional challenge for me, because I knew almost nothing about derivatives prior to this. So I had to quickly read up on how it works to come up with a plan for system architecture on the spot.

It was ready in 1 week! And even though there probably are some bugs after just 7 days of coding, but it was fully functioning and working correctly. This is what I was able to achieve in a week by myself:

  • a ladder trading interface allowing to submit an order to go "long" or "short" on Bitcoin
  • to have that order executed, thus allowing you to enter into a long or short position
  • then sell this position for profit or loss, with correct calculations
  • the chart and spot price of the underlying asset (streamed from Coinbase)
  • a dashboard where you can see your Wallets, Transactions, Orders, and Positions, both active and closed
  • 24 hour figures: daily volume, low price, high price, and last futures price
  • a matching engine
  • a liquidation engine + insurance fund
  • a way to change your leverage by adding or subtracting margin
  • two-factor authentication for extra security
  • trading bots for tests
  • and basically all the things you would need from a trading platform.

I also watched the video of Digitex CEO complaining about bugs and missing things in the product he was delivered, and I made sure Fijitex had them solved right from the start.

I chose to write it in PHP and Laravel to showcase they’re powerful enough even for that, but also to allow people on the livestream to learn, since more programmers know PHP and JS than C++ or KDB+ (in which Bitmex is written for example).

After some of the Digitex investors that aren’t programmers expressed their doubts this is real because they could not believe what happened, I’ve uploaded the whole exchange on https://test.fijitex.com/ for them to play with it. I’ve also invited Digitex to feel free to reach out to me if they need development help, but the company had not responded to this so far.